lways learning and creating, I love the adventure of taking a risk for something you are passionate about. My journey started the last year of college where my best friend and I decided to write about our college experience hoping to help others with their process. It worked, selling thousands of copies. Students of Life -The guide to get the most out of yourself and your college experience

After working on wall street and leaving to pursue the world of startups, I settled on exploring my interest in storying telling. Last year that culminated in a short film, I directed and produced, about a New Orleans flood survivor relocating to New York City. It premiered in New York this past summer

Into Focus

Between doing photography and directing for agencies I explored Brazil this working on a photo exhibition/philanthropy project. Uma Bola, which portrays the children participating in a soccer program in Vidigal favela in Rio de Janeiro and acts as mechanism to donate sports equipment. This project has been particularly fulfilling.

Currently I'm managing

Avua Cachaca & Blackwell Rum. I continue to look for ways to express creative ideas. What ever brought you here feel free to reach out and connect.

  • Business Development Strategy
  • Photography & Film Production
  • Social Media Marketing & Branding
  • Financial Analysis
  • New Media & Technology
  • Expressive Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Service
  • Skydiving
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